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DANA Steels Pvt Ltd (A Division of DANA Groups) and a sister concern of Dubai (UAE) based on DANA Steel Processing Industries LLC is an ISO 9001:2008 Company which has incorporated with the primary objective to provide value added and cost effective formwork and scaffolding solutions to our clients in the construction industry in India, Middle East(Qatar/Bahrain/Oman/Saudi Arabia/Kuwait) and abroad.
DANA Steels Pvt Ltd has expertise to assist construction companies in designing most cost effective and safe system formwork and scaffolding solutions resulting in considerable increase in productivity. Manufacturing facility of the company are conveniently located in the NCR ,India built over a sprawling 35000 square meters area, with upto 15000 square meters covered area. Factory is well equipped with all required facilities to develop and produce vast range of formwork and scaffolding systems. In house inspection, tool room and quality control testing capabilities ensure quick development of new products and assured quality.

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Frame System/Frame Scaffold System
Raw Materials - A frame
- H Frame
- Ladder Frame
- Cross Braces
- Frames sets
- Frame Accessories
Decking System and accessories
Raw Materials - Adjustable Telescopic Span/Box Floor Centers
- Metriforms Beams
- Floor Forms/deck Panels
- Dropheads/Wedge Plate
Scaffolding SteeL Planks Galvanized Steel Scaffolding PlanksS
Raw Materials - Galvanized Steel Batterns
- Steel Board
- Frame Planks
- Hook Planks
Steel Coupler and Fittings
Raw Materials - Pressed Double Coupler
- Pressed Swivel Coupler
- Leight Weight Double Coupler
- Leight Weight Swivel Coupler
- Drop Forged Double Coupler
- Drop Forged Swivel Coupler
- Drop Forged Putlog Coupler
- Sleeve Coupler
- Putlog Coupler
- Girder Coupler
- Stair Case Coupler
- Fencing Coupler
- Toe Board Coupler
Wedge Scaffold Systems
Raw Materials - Standard / Vertical
- Ledger / Horizontal
- Quickwedge Transom Scaffolding
- Ladder Access Transom
- Return Transom
- Scaffolding Diagonal Brace
- Stage Bracket 1/2/3 Board
- Tie Bar
- Toe Board Bracket
- End Toe Board Bracket
Cup Lock Scaffold Systems
Raw Materials – Standard / Vertical
– Ledger / Horizontal
– Cuplock Transom
– Cuplock Omega Transom
– Cuplock Intermediate Transom
– Cuplock Inside Board Transom
– Cuplock Return Transom
– Ladder Access Transom
– Cuplock Accessories
Adjustable Jack
Raw Materials - Adjustable Base Jack
- Base Plate
- Adjustable-U-Head Jack
- Universal Jack & Fork Head
Props and Shoring
Raw Materials - Adjustable Steel Props
- Push & Pull Props
- Light Duty Prop
- Adjustable Telescopic Props
Scaffold Tubes
Raw Materials
Wall Formwork and Accessory
Raw Materials - Wall Form System
- Wall Form Economy panel
- Wallform Shuttering
- HD Heavy duty Soldiers
- Channels Soldier
- Column Clamps BEAM REF
- Single Clamps / B – Clamps
- Double Clamps / C – Clamps
- Rapid Clamp
- Shuttering Column Clamp
- Universal Clamp
- Timber Walling Clamp
- Wedge Set
- Fillers Plates
- Tie Rod
- Washer Plates Anchor Nuts and Water Stoppers

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